Elemental Diets Webinar

If you are a GastroANP member in good standing and logged into the website you will be able to access this course. Start with part one and progress from there. As you complete each section the next will become available to you. In the last part, you must complete the quiz. Once completed satisfactorily you will be able to download your 1.5 CEU certificate. This webinar has been approved for 1.5 CEUs for Naturopathic Doctors by the AANP and the Oregon College of Naturopaths. It is good for CEUs in all of the United States including CA and in all Candian Provinces.


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Elemental Diets (1.5 CEUs)
Confused about Elemental Diets? Dr. Lela Altman will be presenting on her experience with using an Elemental Diet in clinical practice. She will review what an elemental diet is, how to determine if a product is truly an elemental diet, when to use an elemental diet, risks, and benefits, troubleshooting common problems that come up during an elemental diet, and transitioning patients off of an elemental diet.
Module 1 Elemental Diets  
The webinar
Unit 1 Part 1
Unit 2 Part 2
Unit 3 Part 3
Unit 4 Part 4
Unit 5 Part 5
Unit 6 Part 6
Unit 7 Part 7
Unit 8 Part 8
Unit 9 Part 9
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