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Elemental Diets

Elemental Diets

Join us as we cover:

  • Indications
  • Risks
  • Benefits
  • Troubleshooting
  • Transitioning back to food
  • And more!

Confused about Elemental Diets? Dr. Lela Altman will be presenting on her experience with using an Elemental Diet in clinical practice. She will review what an elemental diet is, how to determine if a product is truly an elemental diet, when to use an elemental diet, risks, and benefits, troubleshooting common problems that come up during an elemental diet, and transitioning patients off of an elemental diet. 

The Webinar Went Live Tuesday January 16th 5pm Pacific

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Does this count for CEUs?

Yes, we are applying for Naturopathic CEUs for ALL US states and Canadian provinces (yes, this includes California :). Approval Pending.

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Exactly! We are offering 3-4 webinars a year each valued at $50 a pop. Your membership fee for GastroANP allows you access to ALL webinars and the zillion other GastroANP perks! Learn more here.

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